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Department of Justice Website Officially Launched

His Excellency the Acting President and Minister for Justice Lionel Aingimea, officially launches the Department of Justice website, 19 February.

Developed with the assistance of the Sri Lankan based mobiOs company, the website aims to make essential resources and services easier to access and more mainstreamed for the general public.

Acting President Aingimea expressed his gratitude to all who made the project a success and reaffirmed the Department’s commitment to serving the people of Nauru.

The website was made with user friendly language to ensure that the information is easy to understand, and will be updated on a regular basis by each of the sections in the department. 

Dated 19 February 2024


Speech for the launch of the website for the Department of Justice and Border Control by

Mo yoran and good morning,

Secretary for Justice and Border Control
All Section Heads of various Sections of the Department

I am very honoured to be invited to officially launch the website of the Department of Justice and 
Border Control.

Just let me briefly recall the quest to create a website for the Department of Justice. In perusing 
through the Annual Reports, I have noted that in 2015, when I was the Secretary for Justice, this 
was one of the objectives of the Department. However, a number of developments follow. Today, 
I am very pleased to be officially launching the website as the Minister for Justice and Border 
Control. It is a milestone for the Department. Now the Department is accessible to everybody, 
domestically and internationally, at

The inclusion of all 17 different Sections of the Department under one banner is evidence of the 
hard work put in by those who have been able to successfully complete this project. I am informed 
that the Section Heads have all contributed towards the write up. They have posed the right 
questions to be answered on the website, for members of the public. Furthermore, there are answers 
provided for many of the common questions that people ask. For example, in the case of the 
registration of businesses, the relevant information that needs to be provided, such as ID cards, tax 
numbers, beneficial owners and so forth. The answers to the questions posed have also been 
answered very carefully, with the assistance of the legal team. Appropriate laws are referred to so 
that people are able to understand the reason why certain things are needed or required to be done.

The website provides all the necessary forms for complying with the laws which the Department 
administers. I am informed that the Department under my Ministership is currently administering 
63 out of 190 pieces of the Principal Legislation. That volume speaks a lot. This website puts all 
those pieces of legislation in a very consolidated form for people to have easier access to the law. 
As you are all aware, access to law is only one part, but access to accurate, current, and up-to-date 
laws is another matter. This website brings the latter to all people without any restrictions or cost. 
Nauruans can now enjoy reading all of the laws on the website. There are also procedures provided 
in very plain language on how to fill out forms or attach information.

Another feature of the website is that, it contains all the historical knowledge of the Department. I 
encourage each of you to look for all the historical information you may have about the Department 
or its activities, and have it on the website. The website is also an encyclopedia for all the activities 
of the Department, historical, current, and future. An example of this is shown in the publications 
column, where all the annual reports dating back to 2015 are collated. Historical knowledge of 
Corrections being in the old building moving into the new building is an example of what should 
be on the website.

There is value added to the website, as it provides links to other important websites. This includes 
the Government of Nauru website, Judiciary, Paclii, RONLAW and PILON. We would see this 
link broadened with other Sections linking with other sister organisations so that the website itself 
will be a single source of library for users.

I am very grateful that the Department of Justice has been able to collectively embark on and finish 
this project. I give credit to the expatriate and local staff for working together on projects like this. 
This will no doubt build capacity for the locals. The local capacity is important to ensure that the 
website is updated on a regular basis, and more so with all current news and involvements of the 
Department. This website should not remain static. I encourage local staff to be able to contribute 
and post information for the public on the website.

I am informed by the Secretary that the website is one of the many things that the department has 
to achieve during the term of this Government. This includes the new RONLAW website with 
better search engines, E-Passport, Automated Control Gates for Immigration and, of course, a plan 
to build a new Office so that all the Sections can be housed under one roof. 
I take this opportunity to thank the creators of the website. In particular, I refer to the technicians, 
namely Ruwan and Ravi, who are able to work on this from Sri Lanka. I acknowledge the 
contribution of the President of the Court of Appeal in helping to engage the consultants.

With this, I will now launch the Justice Department website. This launch now expands the 
Department of Justice and Border Control’s service to an online platform. 
Ma Tubwa Kor!

Nauru Hosts Historic 42nd PILON Annual Meeting, Demonstrating Commitment to Legal Cooperation

Nauru played a pivotal role in hosting the 42nd Annual Pacific Islands Law Officers’ Network (PILON) Meeting from Wednesday, 01 November to Friday, 03 November 2023. This historic gathering brought together members of PILON, alongside representatives from various regional and international organizations, spotlighting Nauru’s dedication to fostering legal cooperation within the Pacific region.

The event commenced with grand opening formalities, marked by the arrival of the President of the Republic of Nauru, His Excellency Honourable David W. R. Adeang, M.P. His Excellency’s words underlined the vital role that senior law officers play in advancing legal and justice matters throughout the Pacific region.

President Adeang took the opportunity to express his delight in Nauru hosting the meeting for the first time, highlighting the changes in the world following the pandemic. He said, “After the pandemic, the whole world has changed in many ways. As senior officers of your countries, I am confident that you are aware of changes and important events happening in our Pacific Region, which may or may not be directly linked to law, but they set the future of our region.” The incoming Chair, Mr. Jay Udit, Nauru Secretary for Justice and Border Control, extended a warm welcome to all PILON members and observers present. He gave special recognition to Samoa for its exceptional leadership within PILON over the past four years.

Ms. Su’a Hellene Wallwork, the outgoing PILON Chair and Attorney General of Samoa, delivered a heartfelt address during the Annual Meeting. She expressed her gratitude to President Adeang, the incoming Chair Mr. Jay Udit, and fellow members. Ms. Wallwork also lauded the dedication and hard work of PILON Secretariat officers and reflected on the region’s challenges over the past three years.

The PILON Annual Meeting serves as a significant platform for senior Pacific law officials to come together, share invaluable experiences, and foster collaborative partnerships. Attorneys General, Directors of Public Prosecutions, and Justice Agency Heads seized the opportunity to establish connections with their Pacific counterparts and gain insights into innovative approaches for addressing shared challenges and opportunities.

PILON, an organization founded in 1981, stands as one of the Pacific region’s oldest institutions. Its primary mission is to cultivate relationships among senior law officers, facilitating collaboration and addressing common challenges across various domains, including national security and sustainable development.

The successful hosting of the 42nd PILON Annual Meeting in Nauru marks a historic milestone in the organization’s rich history. It underscores the unwavering commitment of Pacific nations to legal cooperation and mutual support. The vital role of Department of Justice and Border Control in facilitating this event signifies Nauru’s growing prominence as a hub for regional legal collaboration within the Pacific region.

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