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The Immigration Division is responsible for implementing the Immigration Act 2014 (Act) and the Immigration Regulations 2014 (Regulations).

In doing so, the Immigration Division performs the following functions:

  • Process visa applications and issue appropriate visas to people seeking entry into Nauru.
  • Monitor the arrival, entry and departure of people at our borders.
  • Monitor the visa status of foreign nationals.
  • Identify and issue notices to overstayers.
  • Enforce removal orders and ensure that prohibited immigrants, including overstayers, are safely removed from Nauru.


The Immigration Division issues the following visas in accordance with the Act and Regulations:
  • Visitor Visa
  • Business Visa
  • Local Business (Employment) Visa
  • Residence Visa
  • Regional Processing Centre Visa
  • Special Purpose Visa
  • Temporary Settlement Visa
  • Dependant Visa


Application Form for Business Visa
Application Form for Dependant Visa
Application Form for Local Business (Employment) Visa
Application Form for Regional Processing Centre Visa
Application Form for Residence Visa
Application Form for Special Purpose Visa
Application Form for Visitor Visa


Fees under the Immigration Act 2014:


Lodgement of Appeal to Minister (s12 (1) of Immigration Act 2014) $20
Lodgement of Appeal to President (s13 (1) of Immigration Act 2014) $20
Overstayer fee (s10(6) of Immigration Act 2014) $50 per day for every day after the expiration of visa
Class of Visa Fee
Business Visa Multiple entry up to 12 months Single entry up to 3 months
Business visa (General)
Conduct a business or profession in Nauru
Business visa (Diplomatic) Perform the role of diplomatic or consular representative of a foreign country
Business visa (Education)
Engage in education
Business visa (Media)
Engage in film, journalism or other media activities
Business visa (Religious Vocation)
Engage in a religious vocation, whether or not for reward
Business visa (Research)
Engage in research, whether or not for reward
$200 $100
Business visa (Employment)
Engage in employment in Nauru

Dependant Visa $1,000
Local Business (Employment) Visa Multiple entries (single person) $300
Multiple entries (spouse and children) $400
Regional Processing Centre Visa (Asylum Seekers) $1,000 per month
Residence Visa Nil

Special Purpose Visa

Multiple entries Single entry
For the purpose mentioned in regulation 11 For any other purpose $100
Temporary Settlement Visa (Refugees) $2,000 per month


For a period not exceeding 1 month For a period not exceeding 2 month For a period not exceeding 3 month $50 $150 $250


If no fee is payable for the visa Single entry visa Multiple entry visa Nil $10 $20


Single entry and multiple entries visa Single entry business visa (media) $50 $50


Immigration Amnesty

Public announcement released for foreign nationals with expired or no visas to stay, leave, or remain in Nauru, to rectify their illegality by 31st May 2024. 

Local Business (Employment) Visa

The Immigration Division has introduced a new class of visa known as the Local Business (Employment) Visa.
This class of visa is specifically designed to meet the needs of local individuals and businesses. The underlying criteria is that it is only limited to Nauruans or businesses which are 100% Nauruan-owned.

Notice to Overstayers

The Immigration Division has developed a notice to be issued to overstayers. All overstayers are given 7 days to pay the overstayer fee of $50 for every day that they have outstayed their visa and to also apply for a new visa to regularise their presence in Nauru. If they fail to so, they are liable to prosecution and immediate removal from Nauru.


Darlene Dabana

Acting Director of Immigration

Bronia Detageouwa

RPC Visa Manager

Greg Garoa

Acting Senior Immigration Officer

JJ Bop

Visa and Immigration Officer

Cheisty Duburiya

Visa and Immigration Officer

Whitney Botelanga

Visa and Immigration Officer

Deuce Hedmond

Visa and Immigration Officer

Starrington Dowabobo

Visa and Immigration Officer

Amuson Bernicke

Visa and Immigration Officer

Ideana Atto

Visa and Immigration Officer

Stanton Dame

Visa and Immigration Officer

Dawnia Aiyunge

Visa and Immigration Officer


Immigration Division
Department of Justice and Border Control
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