Department of Justice & Border Control


Without administration, there is no control

The Office of the Secretary for Justice and Border Control is the secretariat for the Department of Justice and Border Control (Department).

This is where the instructions, decisions, recommendations and requests of the Secretary for Justice and Border Control (Secretary) originate or are disseminated from. This is also where the final endorsement for any proposed activity that is to occur within the Department is attained and where finance and administration of the Department are centered.

The secretariat also ensures that:

  1. resources to assist effective work performance are available and in full supply;
  2. all key positions are advertised and filled;
  3. leave credits are readily available for employees to plan and apply for the types of leave available to them; and
  4. the financial status of the Department is able to accommodate work that needs to be executed.


The secretariat has overseen the restructure of the Department which has resulted in the reclassification of 79 positions and the reorganisation and creation of 17 sections. This restructuring has ensured more employment opportunities for any person interested to provide the services offered by the Department. This has also created a career path for capacity building and professional development for Nauruans.


The Pleaders Course is a series of courses of instructions, examinations and training in law that is mandated by the Legal Practitioners (Pleaders Training and Examination) Rules 2020.

Graduates of the Pleaders Course are eligible to be admitted as a legal practitioner.


Code Unit
NLP01 Introduction to the Law
NLP02 Constitution and Administrative Law
NLP03 Criminal Law and Procedure
NLP04 Contracts
NLP05 Land Law
NLP06 Torts
NLP07 Equity, Trusts, Wills and Succession
NLP08 Family Law
NLP09 Ethics
NLP10 Evidence
NLP11 Civil Procedure and Practice
NLP12 Advocacy

2020-2022 Pleaders Course

The most recent Pleaders Course commenced in 2020 and ended in 2022. The course took longer than initially planned due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the restrictions put in place to contain and prevent the spread of COVID-19.

A total of 24 individuals completed the course and graduated on 13 January 2023.


  1. Aie Ribauw
  2. Horasio Cook
  3. Bernard Grundler
  4. Blossom Tsiode
  5. Ann-Marie Cain
  6. Carlos Eoe
  7. Chloe Adeang
  8. Chyna Wiram
  9. Cronisa Baguga
  10. Dane Dageago
  11. Delvin Thoma
  12. Isabella Dageago
  13. Sharko Bill
  14. Jane-Lyn Deireragea
  15. John Daigon Julius
  16. Katherine Adam
  17. Kosak Kosam
  18. Lisa Solomon
  19. Mahlon Brechtefeld
  20. Mathew Batsiua
  21. Oanna Harris
  22. Regina Deidenang
  23. Taesha Aliklik
  24. Trini Caleb

Best Male and Female Graduates

  • Mathew Batsiua
  • Blossom Tsiode

The secretariat works under the leadership and guidance of the Secretary.

The secretariat currently consists of the Secretary, Senior Personal Assistant to the Secretary, Director Finance and Administration and Assistant Director Finance and Administration.


Jay Udit

Secretary for Justice and Border Control

Febony Detenamo

Senior Personal Assistant

Angelina Itsimaera

Director Finance and Administration

Letima Adire

Assistant Director Finance and Administration


Office of the Secretary for Justice and Border Control
Department of Justice and Border Control
Ground Floor
Government Buildings
Yaren District
Republic of Nauru
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