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The Passport Division is responsible for the issuance of passports in accordance with the Passports Act 2011. The Passport Division is also responsible for issuing travel documents to asylum seekers and refugees.

The Passport Division also issues certificates of identity to non-Nauruan citizens to enable them to return to their home countries, to travel for medical treatment abroad and for deportation.


Nauruan Passports
A Nauruan citizen is entitled to an ordinary Nauruan passport.

Diplomatic Passports
A diplomatic passport will only be issued to:

  1. a Member of Parliament;
  2. the Speaker of Parliament if he or she is not a Member of Parliament;
  3. a member of the diplomatic staff of a Nauruan mission (within the meaning of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations);
  4. a consular officer of a Nauruan consular post (within the meaning of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations);
  5. the spouse or dependent of any of the persons in paragraphs (a) to (d); or
  6. any other person approved by Cabinet.

A diplomatic is for travel for diplomatic purposes.

Official Passports
An official passport will only be issued to a Nauruan citizen for travel on official government business.

Presidential Passport
The President of the Republic of Nauru is entitled to a presidential passport. 


Item Fees
Ordinary passport – First passport $60
Lost, stolen or damage within 10 years of the date of issue of the passport $160
Application fee for replacement of passport where more than one passport has been lost, stolen or damaged within 10 years from the date of the issue of the passport $560
Postage of passport by ordinary mail $100
Application fee for ordinary passport to be processed within 24 hours including fee for passport $160


The Passport Division is working towards implementing e-passports.

The use of e-passports will add a layer of security to traditional non electronic passports. This is done by embedding an electronic chip in the passport booklet that stores the biographical information visible on page 2 of the passport, as well as a digital security feature. This digital security feature is a country specific “digital signature”. The digital signatures are unique and can be verified using their respective certificates.

The new e-passports will offer:

  • Digital authenticity
  • Strong and safe security
  • Easy tracking
  • Time saving


Nauruan citizens are eligible to apply for Nauru passports (Nauruan citizens by birth/descent and naturalised citizens)

Visit the Passport Division Office within the Department of Justice & Border Control, Government Office, Yaren. Customer Services staff are there to serve and assist all customers.

  • 2 identical high-quality (clear, focused) photos on white background with no shadows or reflections.
  • No retouching, no removal of any kind from face or background.
  • Face centered and looking straight at the camera.
  • Eyes open, mouth closed, no smiling.
  • Hair must not obstruct any part of the face so ears can be both seen.
  • Size of photos must be 35mm to 40mm wide and 45mm to 50mm high. The size of the face from chin to crown maximum of 36mm and the minimum is 32mm.

It takes 48 hours to process passport applications.

Yes, you can. Emergency services are available. Refer to the Department of Justice & Border Control Website for various services and fees.

Nauru passports are valid for 10 years.

Yes, it is always recommended that all should renew their passports before the expiry date. Six months prior to the expiry date is a must, especially for those planning to travel.

Immediately report the lost or stolen passport to the competent authorities in Nauru and to the Police. Submit police report to the office of the Director of Passports.

If you are in a foreign country you must report to local Police and to the nearest office of a Nauru Diplomatic or Consular representative.

Yes, you can use your Nauru passport to travel internationally.


Ruby Amram

Director for Passport Division

Zita Itsimaera

Senior Passport Officer

Kerryn Notte

Passport Records & Data Management

Girlina Brechtefeld

Customer Care Service Officer


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